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In 1959, a small group with a vision of planting a Baptist Church in Edson began to meet and pray for God’s guidance. The first meetings and prayer times were held in the Odd Fellow’s Hall above Johnnie’s Barber Shop and Pool hall and, in November 1959, Edson Baptist Church [EBC] was established.

A young Pastoral Student, Eugene Harder, came to assess the need and the possibility of assisting this fledgling congregation, and in 1959, Pastor Everett Hurd became EBC’s first full time Pastor.

After much prayer this small congregation purchased four lots, behind the current library.  Although finances were limited and the task seemed daunting, the church stepped out in faith and purchased the Men’s Wear Store building in Mercoal.  It was transported to Edson and renovated to become the church building.

Under the shepherding/teaching of three different Pastors over the next ten years, God in His mercy and grace blessed the church, and it continued to grow steadily until the facilities became too small for their various ministries.

In 1973, Pastor Bob Salzman accepted the call to Pastor EBC.  The church continued to grow and the need for a larger facility was apparent.  However, the cost of building a new facility once again seemed insurmountable.  The church was barely able to meet their budget but, after much time in prayer, the congregation once again stepped out in faith and in1978, the current facility was built.

EBC has been blessed with Pastors who have provided strong Biblical teaching and God has continued to bless this church.  Pastor Charles Barnhart pastored EBC for 16 years (1979-1996), and Pastor Terry Stauffer for 14 years (1997-2011), and EBC was blessed by the preaching/teaching of interim Pastors John Bonham (2012) and Bob Salzman (2013) prior to the arrival of Pastor Hovig in 2014. 





Lot 13,14 &15 was purchased (current location)


Building purchased, trucked from the Coal Branch, and set in place    (Barnabas Building); had to renovate to serve as a church building.


Mortgage burning ceremony.


Building Committee formed to look at options: renovate, sell, or relocate.


Ground Breaking Ceremony to begin construction on new (current) building.


Moved into new building.


Mortgage burning ceremony.


Celebration of 50 years of Edson Baptist Church.


Land in Glenwood by YKCS donated for new church site.


Congregation signed off on a new floor plan the architectural and conceptual drawings and with rough cost estimates; Architect David Wong is hired.


Subdivision approved by the Town of Edson.


Pastor Hovig accepted invitation to come to EBC to be our new pastor.