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Arise & Thrive: Building Our New Church

In 2013, a feasibility study was undertaken to assess the ability and desire to build a new facility. On the weekend of June 20 & 21, 2014 – Arise and Thrive Weekend – the congregation of EBC participated in the creation of a Ministry Plan for EBC. In order to meet the goals and strategies of this plan, it was agreed that the current facilities are inadequate and does not meet the accessibility and safety standards.

It was on October 5, 2014 – Decision Sunday – when the congregation of EBC voted to move ahead with the Capital Campaign, known as the Alive and Thrive Campaign.


The Building Plan – Key Spaces


Our primary space for worship, teaching and equipping people to serve Christ’s mission by gathering and connecting God’s people of all ages for worship, teaching and spiritual growth. This will be a space that is welcoming, accessible and aesthetically pleasing to the church and community.



Bright, welcoming space, separate from the Sanctuary, that is a hub for fellowship activities to enfold new people into the church, making them feel welcome and fostering a greater sense of community and connectedness in the church. This will be a space that facilitates intentional interaction before and after church and throughout the week.



Larger area to accommodate preparation of food and refreshments, to the maximum seating capacity of the Fellowship Hall and/or meeting rooms, in support of various activities of the church and community outreach. This expands the capacity to host fellowship, education, and ministry and outreach events and increases the utility and rent potential of the building within the greater community.



Bright, well-equipped rooms with current technology to enhance group creativity and productivity, engage the congregation in ministry and serving Christ’s mission. Some rooms will be available to support the church mission and operation, while the private and secure office space, separate from the high traffic areas of the facility, will provide space for expanded staff and direct exterior access to the office.



This area, which will be a focal point for spiritual learning, will support the congregation’s ministries, and encourage education and spiritual growth through knowledge of the Bible, helping people connect God’s Word with how they live their lives day by day. As a resource area for church and community, it will be accessible for small groups of all ages, at all stages of learning.



These bright, well-equipped, functional rooms will facilitate discipleship, learning and fellowship activities, as we teach, train and facilitate people to serve Christ’s mission. Multiple soundproof rooms equipped with technology will be available to support the church and community groups, with practical storage areas allowing greater multi-purpose applications, increasing rental potential to interested community groups.



A safe, secure space, which allows care to children on Sundays and throughout the week, supporting families with young children so that they can participate in the various services and ministries of the church. This `child-friendly` environment for children and young families will include a self-contained washroom, change table, and media access for parents to listen and watch the service.



This functional area facilitates janitorial space for building cleanliness, and provides organized space areas for various ministries to function with easy access to supplies, tools and materials, including storage areas for props, and ministry resources such as tables and chairs.