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Thrift Shop: Edson Baptist Church is one of the nine churches in our community who supply volunteers to the Edson Thrift Store, which is run by a volunteer board.

It’s an excellent way to serve our community and everyone has fun together serving.  The nine churches involved divide all profits earned by the store.

On Monday’s and Tuesday’s, volunteers gather to sort through donated items and put out to be sold when it is open to the public. Vouchers are handed out to those in need so they can pick up clothing for their families.

The store is open to the public Wednesday thru Friday each week, with a drop-off bin in the back alley. Located at 5112 13 Ave in Edson 780-723-4545

Food Bank: Many members of our church volunteer their time at our local food bank on Tuesday mornings. It’s a wonderful way to serve our community and to encourage those in need. Edson Baptist has various food drives throughout the year to help bring in canned goods that the Food Bank can use.