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During the school year our youth events, for those in Grades 6 – 12, take place every other Friday night at 7:00pm. The evening usually includes an activity, prayer, and a Bible devotional.

There is a great opportunity for the teens to visit and build friendships with each other and our events are designed so you can invite your friends. Please check the bulletin for upcoming events.


Catechism for Girls and Boys

Why Catechize Kids? What is Catechism?

The term ” catechism ” is one that may well bring up images of a strange, outdated method of instruction. But catechizing has been a time-honored and effective practice throughout church history. There are some very good reasons to consider using a catechism in teaching children, both at home and at church.

Catechism comes from a Greek word used in the Bible, karacheo, that means ” instructed” (Luke 1:4) Catechism is a question and answer method of instruction in basic Christian doctrines; it forms a framework for personal interaction with the Scriptures. The series of questions and answers develops a fundamental understanding of God, sin, salvation, prayer, the Bible, the church, and heaven & hell; each answer in the catechism is supported by Scripture references.


Here are three good reasons to consider implementing a catechism style teaching with your kids at home and at church. A catechism encourages the unity of essential beliefs among God’s children. Many people want to know what constitutes a true Christian essential teaching. What are the primary teachings of the Christian faith? Catechical instruction can help promote unity among Christians by helping establish the fundamentals of the faith.

Catechism promotes a faster, deeper understanding as verses are tied to appropriate questions. Children are helped to tie verses to meaning through the use of questions and answers. Children begin to understand the usefulness of God’s Word as they see how clearly it answers important questions.

Catechism stimulates and motivates learning, because most children, especially younger ones, love to answer questions. Questions are a teacher’s most useful ally, because through them one gains access to precious minds. As Jesus showed, questions are invaluable when teaching truth!

[Written by: Jeri Tanner/ Christian Parenting]